Tuesday, February 10, 2015

10 February 2015 - Day 57 - Gas Lines / Plumbing / Electric

Can't really tell much from the outside, however, I saw a guy in the garage working on the gas lines and some folks grabbing PVC piping and taking it inside.  It also looked like they have started the electrical wiring near the garage area and more than likely throughout the rest of the house.  I also noticed the bottom portion of the wood that meets with the cinder blocks has some kind of a green sprayed on coating... not really sure what that is for.  Gotta put it on my questions list.

I'm scheduled to meet with "Protection by Design" the structured wiring company to discuss the location of Cable and CAT5e outlets along with speaker locations and alarm wiring spots sometime  tomorrow morning.

Day 57 - looks the same as the day prior

Gas pipe feeding the house.

Left over ducting that needs to visit the dumpster

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