Tuesday, February 3, 2015

3 February 2015 - Day 50 - A week for Roofs

We skipped out from going to the lot yesterday since it rained most of the day, and our soon to be neighbor mentioned there was no activity. 

It was a cold clear day today, so after my boring COMPTIA class I headed out to check on the progress. Not really much to report except that they are continuing with the roof trusses, front porch roof, Morning room roof and the rest of the exterior paneling. 

Day 50
Does the porch roof look like its tilting upward from left to right? 

Day 50 Selfie - Wifey thinks she's too cool for school

Two panels look different than the rest. Why?

House wrap 

Morning room doorway

Rear Shot

Front porch roof 

What's going on here???? I hope there is a method to this madness. 

We're looking forward to the end of the week to see the house wrapped up like a Christmas present, and the interior to start taking shape. 


  1. Yall are moving right along. If you think the roof is crook then bring a level next time you stop by. You might need a ladder, lol, but seeing if it's level or not will make you feel better. The two different panels doesn't make sense, I would ask ur PM.

  2. Yes, absolutely tell the PM that the roof looks slanted. That would not be for drainage as its the gutters that would actually be slanted over the span of the porch. Also those darker pieces of ply are just dirty. If you dont feel comfortable with them, then request that they be changed, not a problem at this stage. If they have been under water/mud then warping might occur which the nails are going to hide for now, but that could lead to popping on the inside at some point as the house settles.

  3. I went back out there today. It must have been the way I took the picture as it doesn't look as slanted today. Regardless, I'll have the private inspector put a plum stick on it and I'll also ask the PM about it.