Friday, February 6, 2015

6 February 2015 - Day 53 - Windows & Doors

On Day 53 windows and doors started going in.  Window flashing looked good from were I was standing.  The morning room door started growing on me a little more lately.  The model had a full glass sliding door which looked better as it allowed more light in; however, Ryan Homes must have quit offering it.  Roof shingles have been delivered and placed on the roof, therefore, roofing should also start any day now.

We stopped by the model again today to figure out some furniture requirements and saw our PM there.  My wife was concerned about the placement of the A/C vent as she didn't want air blowing directly in the master bathroom shower.  Our awesome PM pulled up the plans and showed her that the vent was placed right in the middle of the bathroom.  Great news.....he also took the time to answer a few more questions I had.

 I should hear from the structured wiring installer early next week to determine the placement of ceiling speakers in the Family Room, speaker placement outside, alarm pre-wiring locations, coax and CAT5 locations.

Day 53

Day 53 Selfie

Morning Room Solar E Windows getting installed

The 15 Pane Patio door.  Left side is fixed.  French doors would have looked better in my opinion

Shingles awaiting install

I like the twin peaks on this Elevation E better compared to the one on Elevation C.

Questionable area:  Underneath the trailing edge of the slant there seems to be a 10" X 6" hole.  

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