Sunday, February 22, 2015

22 February 2015 - Day 69 - Insulation, Siding, and Sheetrock

I'm so glad I decided to get out of the apartment today to check on the house as I was going stare crazy... besides, the doctor wanted me to move around some after surgery this past Thursday. Since I'm not allowed to drive due to the medications, my wife grabbed her car and off we went. As we approached the lot, I was surprised to see that they had already started on the siding. We originally were not sure if we would like the color, however, seeing it on the house has put our mind to rest. 

Over the weekend, they must have dropped off the propane tank to warm up the house so that the Sheetrock would acclimate correctly inside the house. From my research, Sheetrock must be installed with a temperature of at least 55 degrees with about 60% humidity. 

Day 69

Day 69 Selfie - I look like crap. 2 days after surgery. 

Spanish Olive 6.5" beaded siding

The Deck rock speaker wires are placed too high. I had already let them know I wanted these lowered so that I didn't have any holes knee high in the siding. Should be a quick fix hopefully. 

Morning room also had a slight leak coming from the ceiling. I notified the PM right away about it, and he'll be looking into it. I'm assuming it's the melting snow off the roof, nonetheless, it shouldn't be leaking inside. 

Insulation is complete and some cabinets have already been delivered. I can't believe that we should be closing in about 31 days. 

Foggy conditions driving back. 

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