Tuesday, February 24, 2015

23 February 2015 - Day 70 - Another day of siding

The siding is looking great. We checked on the property for a second time right before the community HOA meeting. By the evening time, they had put up half the shaker and finished up the front side of the first floor. I gotta say these guys so far are doing a great job doing the siding considering the cold conditions outside. 

Day 70 - late morning

Day 70 - Evening

Porch ceiling done with three recessed light cutouts. The other hole on the back side is for a CCTV camera.... Which is way too big for my liking. 


  1. I really love that they are putting recessed lights in the porches and overhangs now-a-days. It looks so much cleaner! And thank God for being standard, right?! :) It's the little things that make such a difference.

  2. Yes, it's standard. It makes it look so much cleaner and neater at night too. We'll be heading back out there today to check on the progress. I'm thinking the siding may be about done.