Tuesday, March 3, 2015

3 March 2015 - Day 77 - One Step, Two Step

It's been a few days since I have published/posted anything on here.  As a matter of fact I have about 3 posts still in draft.  For now I'll be holding back on posting them as I hope that our PM will make things right promptly or our settlement may get postponed.  My wife was able to schedule a meeting with him on Thursday afternoon, so we are hoping for a good outcome.  I don't think sharing my frustrations about certain things would be fair to RH without giving them the opportiunity to correct it.

On a positive note, as we visited the property yesterday, it didn't look like much got done till a subcon dropped off one worker to work on the front porch around 5pm.  This afternoon we noticed that 3 additional layers of brick were added to the porch along with some steps.  I have some reservations with the job done and also the brick matching.  For now I'm gonna say that the bricks done yesterday may be wet.

Additionally, the vinyl siding looks complete with the exception of the right side shaker.  I'm thinking they ran out of material, as it wouldn't have been more that 20 mins of work left.  

Lastly, it sounded like there was a loud hum coming from inside the property which makes me think the  propane heater was back up and running and more mudding was accomplished.

Here are a few pictures from today:

Day 77

Day 77 Selfie

Finally some steps

Morning Room vinyl is finally complete

Not sure if this is same same style caramel brick as there is a difference in shade and color.  Hopefully it's just wet as it was installed last night.


  1. The one brick on the top end corner looks like a different color but the rest seem just wet or at least to me.

  2. Love that you guys get brick steps! So much more tasteful than cement. I definitely see the difference, but it very well may be wetted down? :/

  3. I really like that you get brick steps. There is definitely some discoloration but it looks wet. Hopefully when everything is dry they it goes away. Your house is looking good!

    Sorry to hear that your having issues. Hope everything gets resolved when your wife meets with the PM!

  4. Your house looks grand!! We are building a fox chapel. Mydreamryanhome@blogspot.com. Does the French door come standard with morning room or did u upgrade it?? We are not sure what will come with ours. Thanks!!

  5. Thanks Ritz. Unfortunately, that is not a french door that comes with the morning room. They used to have a sliding door, however, they quite using that in our neighborhood. Now they use a door. The left pane is fixed.