Thursday, March 12, 2015

11 March 2015 - Day 85 - Flooring work, Gas line and a Shower Seat fix

After getting back from a business trip to DC yesterday, we ventured out to the house to check on progress.  It was getting late and almost dark... luckily we found some people working on the laminate flooring in some of the areas.  We quickly walked through to see what had been done.  Seems like there was some wall and ceiling patch work, chauking, gas line connected and we also noticed the shower seat in the master had been fixed to the correct depth.  

Happy wifey..... Room for that junk in the trunk

Shower seat was about 5 inches too short.

Patch work

Master Bathroom vanity

Spare Bathroom Floor and vanity

Kitchen with completed flooring

Gas line connected with a reading of "0000"

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