Saturday, March 21, 2015

21 March 2015 - Day 95 - Carpet, Wood Floors, and a bunch of other stuff

It's been a busy two days. We went out there yesterday and today to check on the property as it approached the final few days of construction. 

From the looks of things this is more like the last leg to the finish line. The hardwood floors have been put in, tile work was almost done in the bathroom, appliances had been hooked up, landscaping about complete, door painted and a multitude of other little things. 

Below are a few pictures from yesterday.... We really didn't see much in the house today as they were carpeting all of the upstairs and our PM was actually sanding the downstairs walls to do a final coat of paint. I was surprised to see him inside working with his shoes removed not to damage the carpet or the wood floors even though they were covered.  

Our private inspector will be going his thing this Monday, I'm hoping there won't be much wrong and things can be easily fixed. 

Day 94 

Day 94 Selfie

Day 94 Selfie with hard wood...... That's what she said. 

Hot water heater

Formal Living Room and Dining Room Hardwood Floors


Not too crazy about this transition. 

This is some shoddy looking work right here. I talked to the PM, and will look at a different way of doing this. 

Stainless microwave. Pretty nice, but I do miss my advantium microwave. 

Stove. Ready to start cooking. I'll probably cook for my Italian Sunday's. 


A whole lotta data and coax lines. 

2nd bathroom

Our tiled master bathroom shower

Master Tub

See that hump in the wall up top?  It looks bad in person, as if the wall is leaning forward. PM will be fixing it. Not sure if it will be before or after closing. 

Upstairs hallway

What is this fricken thing?  It looks like a darn doggie gate. Where are my steps so I can walk into the back yard? Our Sales Rep had said we got steps and the PM said that it was a $750 addition/option. Grrrr. Still torn on how I want to approach this, especially since I'll be doing a deck within a year.  I asked the SR today and he did say that we didn't get steps now. It was a different answer 5 months ago.  I feel bad for our PM at times because all these issues that are caused by others end up landing on his lap to deal with. 


Our porch 


And the wife has been on search mode for some decent curtains with yellow accents. She has finally found some 95" panels from JC Penny's.  Hallelujah. 

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  1. What colors did you guys pick for the outside of your house?