Saturday, March 14, 2015

13 March 2015 - Day 87 - Granite

So glad it's Friday.... This week had dragged by as I reviewed the HUD-1 statement with my GFE, and read through some other closing documents. We drove down to the house shortly after I got off of work.  As we arrived I noticed some activity, and one guy was hauling away the 2nd AC unit to another house. (Looks like I'm getting one 5 Ton unit). Inside there was another guy installing the pantry door. As we walked around the house it was apparent that some of the smaller things had been completed. The biggest thing that stood out was the staircase. The dark stain contrasts the white balusters very nicely. Our wood flooring should also be the same color.... Can't wait to see it installed. 

As we looked out the window on the 2nd floor a bigger truck approached. They tried very hard maneuvering the truck very close to the front door. What could it be that they needed to get really close.... Then it clicked.... It was the granite. We exited the house to make sure we were out of the way, then came back in to see them place it on top of the cabinets. The cut was great and the edges met with the sheetrock very nicely which I was grateful for since I didn't want the 4" backsplash. There was one section (12 inches) of drywall that slightly bowed out, so they shaved a slight groove into it to make it as flush as possible. 

Day 87

Day 87 selfie

Stained staircase. Looks great with the white balusters. 

Handrail installed in Garage

Another view of the completed hand railing 

Picture of the garage door. This was installed a couple of days ago. 

Air registers are finally installed. 

Granite truck approaches 

Thermostat.... Must be running on battery power. You're going bye bye and getting replaced by a NEST. 

"New Caledonia" granite


  1. wow!! the granite looks awesome. Did u guys add any overhang to the island. and does the island come with the cabinets on both sides?? We are totally gonna steal your selfie idea as well.. :)

    1. Negative. The overhang at the end is standard. Should be enough to seat 3-4 people comfortably for a quick informal lunch or dinner. Yes, there are cabinets on both sides on one part of the island.

  2. Ahhhh love the granite! Everything is really coming along! So exciting!!!!

  3. Your house looks amazing! I love your granite and cabinet combination in the kitchen!