Tuesday, March 17, 2015

15 March 2015 - Day 89 - Lights Fixtures, Sockets and Switches

Not a good start to the day. As we started driving off, maybe 100 feet, I get a low tire message on my iDrive.  I parked the car and noticed I had a screw in one of the tires, so we grabbed the wifeys car and off we went. This must be the 3rd nail/screw I have gotten from the neighborhood. Anyway, so after an eventful morning getting my car on a flatbed to BMW, we stopped by the house and noticed we had light switches and sockets installed. I'm ready to start flipping these switches on. To my amazement, the light fixtures Ryan Homes uses aren't that cheap. (Ie. Staircase light is around $350, living room is around $200, a simple floodlight is $75) 

Really?  Couldn't they just match the laundry room and closets with the same nickel finish as the remainder of the house. 

I wish these were a flush install. 

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