Saturday, March 14, 2015

14 March 2015 - Day 88 - A broom and some chit chat

Another day shot due to the heavy rains we had today. We ran over to Lowes this morning to inquire about blinds, and schedule delivery of the Washer/Dryer and Fridge for the day after closing. We've been postponing delivery since we purchased them on Black Friday. BTW: Lowes is offering 25% off on certain custom blinds till 25 March. 

After running errands around town, we headed to the property to measure some windows. As we pulled up, our PM was right behind us. He was getting ready to sweep up the house. We talked about how things are progressing and what to expect in the coming days. He confirmed that we would have power on Monday, and the driveway work would be poured shortly after. The snow we had created a backlog for the utility connections as the spray painted utility markings were covered by snow. 

Our new home orientation got postponed two days which is fine as it's the day prior to closing. Our private home inspector will be doing his thing on The Monday prior, giving the contractors slightly over a day to correct any issues.  Still 12 more days till closing. 

Since there wasn't much more to do, we started packing up clothes in the apartment and I popped open a couple of beers. I can't wait to get out from this tiny place. 

Finished granite and a broom awaiting to meet the floor. 

Packing up some clothes to prep for our move. We've been living out of suitcases ever since we got back from England. Can't wait to take delivery of our household goods shipment. 

Rainy day

Very muddy lot

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