Wednesday, March 18, 2015

18 March 2015 - Day 92 - "I got the Power" (Electrical Power)

I received some intel today that we had lots of activity on our lot today.  The wifey wanted to head out there early to check on progress, but I was stuck at work with meetings most of the afternoon.  We were able to head out there around 5:30 pm and saw some guys still working on the house.  

First thing I noticed were the porch pylons and the finished driveway.  The stakes and plastic around the property had been removed and the final grade was complete.  As we proceeded throughout the house a few guys were installing all the interior door knobs, door stops, granite supports, and some additional trim work.

Other things completed earlier:  Alarm System, Audio/Video/Network wiring and outlets, fixed drywall in master bathroom, front lawn lightpost, electric was connected, master bath tile supplies delivered, and gutters.

Less than 8 days left till closing and there is still quite a bit more to get done.  Hopefully the tilework and flooring gets done this week as our private inspector will be doing an inspection on the property on Monday.

Electrical Meter finally installed

We have light

Day 92 - Final Grade and Porch Pylons

Porch Pylons - Just need handrailing next

Driveway Cured

Back yard w/ morning room to the left

Front Yard

Front lightpost (a little wobbly - hopefully they secure it better)

Day 92 Selfie


Gutter Drainage

Substandard Doorbell

Alarm Siren and Door Chime

Motion Detectors

HDTV wiring - I thought there were 2 CAT5 cables here.

Subwoofer RCA Jack

Telephone and CAT5e Jack

Came across a couple of upside-down outlets.... I'm assuming these are the switched outlets.

Nickel door handles

Centered Shower head and sheetrock put back on.

Tiling supplies for the Master Bathroom

Master Bath Tile


  1. Wow just 8 days, I think they can do if all they have is the flooring, wishing you guys luck

  2. You're so close now! Congrats on getting power and I love your nickel finishes! I also really love what your community does for the driveway. Good luck with everything else!