Thursday, March 12, 2015

12 March 2015 - Day 86 - More Paint & a Door Lock

Hmmmm... it's evident that we are very near to that closing date, or we are being banned from the property since they have added locks to the outside doors.  Only two weeks left till closing.  We couldn't see much of the house today as someone was spray painting upstairs.  This must be the 3rd coat of paint.  Other than paint, I couldn't tell much more had been done, except that a garage door was installed, and the outside AC unit was delivered.  I'm really hoping that the driveway gets poured very soon, so that it will have enough time to cure prior to closing.  

So being two weeks out from closing and a home orientation walkthrough a week from Monday, I'm very skeptical that this house will be done in time.  My PM had said it is doable and he had met stricter deadlines in the past... I just hope it's not at the expense of workmanship.  

A few things I have in mind that need to get accomplished from now till closing:

1.  Main Electrical Connection
2.  Main Water Connection
3.  A/C Unit install
4.  Pour Walkway, Driveway, & Porch
5.  Final Grade
6.  Lawn Irrigation
7.  Sod
8.  Paint Exterior Door
9.  Finish Shaker
10.  Tuck hanging ropes back into the roof and complete final roof check
11.  Morning room stairs
12.  Porch railings
13.  Porch supports
14.  1st Floor window trim
15.  Property water drainage
16.  Doorbell
17.  Lightpost
18.  Gutters
19.  Mailbox
20.  Landscaping
21. Crawlspace cleanup

1.  Hardwood Floors
2.  Carpet
3.  Tile
4.  Electrical fixtures and oulets
5.  Sink / Granite
6.  Appliances
7.  Faucets
8.  Toilets
9.  Half bath sink
10.  Stairway Stain
11.  Closet racks
12.  Bat Fans
13.  Washing Machine pan
14.  Door handles and knobs
15.  Thermostat
16.  Central Air Registers
17.  Alarm and low voltage wiring stuff
18.  A lot of cleaning and scrubbing
19.  Doorbell

I'm sure I have left a lot of things out, however, I find it hard to believe all this may be done by the time we have our new home orientation.  I hope I am wrong.

Day 86

Day 86 Selfie

Wrapped up Kitchen

Door Lock and missing door bell

Painted vaulted ceiling.  I hope they keep the vaulted trim painted the same color, as it blends in better.

Paint Sprayer

Outside A/C Compressor - 5 Ton / 13 SEER

Culdesac View


  1. I love how your house is on a culdesac. I've always wanted to live on the end of a cul-de-sac, great pick. From your list it sounds like they have tons more to do, I will be surprised too if they finish in time. Who knows maybe the work all night the last week, like on those flipping house tv shows to meat there deadline, lol.

  2. We lucked out with the lot. The day we went to the Sales Office, we walked around looking at a lot a few down from where we are now. Shortly after the SR comes by and tells us that the people that had the lot we originally wanted backed out of the deal. Yippy for us... we got the lot on the culdesac last min. We signed a contract contingent on the lot we wanted, as the original owners had a 3 day clause to return to it if they wanted to. Lucky for us, they never returned.

  3. The house is looking so nice! We've enjoyed reading your blog. Best of luck!

  4. Looking great guys! And I, too, love the location of your home. Completely perfect. You are so close!!! I'm sure it will all be completed at the right time and you will be home! :)

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