Wednesday, March 4, 2015

4 March 2015 - Day 78 - Sewage and Water Main

Finally, it was such a beautiful day.  A nice sunny clear sky 65 degrees by mid afternoon..... what better thing to do... drive out to the property with the windows down.

Two white pickup trucks were parked next to the lot today, so I thought they were working inside, however, nobody was around.  I looked around the lot and saw that they had trenched for the sewage and water main today.  I also noticed that paint was delivered, and most of the sheetrock mud was already used up.... I bet they will start painting tomorrow then.

Anyway, I'm glad I was able to get pictures of where the sewage and water line is located.... this way I can be cautious on where I dig in the yard to prevent a catastrophe in the future.  I will also try to be out here whenever they install the yard irrigation system.

As I left I noticed a guy leaving another Ryan Homes property and getting some supplies out of the truck.  I assumed he was the warranty contractor.  He introduced himself and we spoke for about 15 - 20 mins.  Real nice guy.... we both hoped that we wouldn't need to see each other again, because if we did it meant that there was an issue with our home.  He mentioned to me that I should definately read through the 90 page warranty booklet as I would have to deal with him after the initial 60 days with the PM.

Now off to the pictures:

Day 78

Day 78 Selfie

Water main trench

Sewage drain

Sewage drain to county sewage

This must connect to the county or city sewage network

Not sure why they have an eight foot pipe in the air

Not sure if this shaker siding is crooked or just the way I took the photo.  I'll wait till it's completed.

Sewage line 

Main water line.  Hopefully they move it away from the cinder block a couple of inches.  I would think over time, the cinder block may potentially rub a groove through the pipe.  I could be wrong.

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