Tuesday, March 17, 2015

17 March 2015 - Day 91 - Driveway Poured

A beautiful 77 degrees in Hampton Roads today, and a driveway has been poured. The only way in was through the morning room.  Not much to report.  The only things I've noticed inside were closet racks and towel racks. It also looks like they have started fixing the master shower some more. Since the shower moved outward about 5 inches due to the seat being so short, they had to center the shower head and pipping out 5 inches also. 

Covered concrete

Day 91 Selfie

Too cool for school

Covered Porch as the concrete cured

"Her" master closet

Linen closet


Spare bedroom closet

TP holder

Towel Rack

Irrigation control installed

Shower plumping moved over to center it over the shower. 

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