Thursday, March 19, 2015

19 March 2015 - Day 93 - One Week Out

We can't believe there is only one week left till we get the keys to the house.  As I was at work, my wifey decided she wanted to stop by the property alone without me to witness all the progress... she gets dropped down a few pegs for that... Anyway, she saw the guys working on the master bath tile and also all the appliances delivered, then she iMessaged me so she can tease me.  Oh well still love her; however she has to work extra hard to get those pegs back. :-)

Of course I wasn't gonna let her have all the fun, so we went back out at 4pm.  As I pulled up, there must have been over 5 trucks/vans.  Folks everywhere.... working on landscaping, bathroom tile, kitchen trim, low voltage wiring, water heater, and HVAC.  

For some odd reason the walls looked worse than they did a couple of days ago.... some spots were all banged up... additionally I also confirmed that the panty door was installed backwards.  I notified the PM and he said he'll have it corrected tomorrow.  It's amazing the little things we overlook sometime.  Some of the workers in the house must think I'm strange as I stand and stare in a room for a few minutes studying every corner and crevis.  It also seemed like our PM has been a lot more active with the property these last few days.  Blue tape was attached to different areas throughout the house.  

Morning pictures from the wifey:

Someone is missing here... that's right... it's me.  I told my wife to start small and get different appliances.  This should work.

Hmmm that tile is slightly off the laser line... why bother with lasers if it's not exact?

Half bath downstairs.

I'm back ..... Day 93 Selfie

Side lanscaping

Anyone know what kind of bush this is?

A bunch of vans and trucks... Neighbors have been pissed off unable to get through.

Take screen is fugly.... it has got to go.

Spare bath almost complete... just needs quarter round

Second Bathroom brushed nickel faucets

Sink Brushed Nickel faucets.... all the same throughout the house                                                                                                                          

Our Goose Neck kitchen faucet

Water heater getting installed

Garbage Disposal

Not a fan of this stove/oven.... I see change in the future.

Gawd... those knobs are hideous

Oven/Stove Parking

Dishwasher - much nicer than the one in the model

Supports for kitchen island

Supports and trim for morning room bar

Looks good with the lights turned on... not sure why the light above the sink is on a separate circuit. 

Tile is coming along nicely from what I can see... these guys have been at it for about 10 hours and they still aren't done.

Staircase light fixture.

Onto the Oops pictures:
Dining room fixture is a little crooked.

Kitchen cabinet hits the bulkhead... I'm glad the PM caught this.  First time it ever happened for him.

Pantry door should open inside the pantry.

Why not just rip through the crawlspace drainage pipe?  

Brushed Nickel hinges painted.... come on now.. I paid extra for those.

PM is on it..... getting it done and marking things.  I'll be coming with my Eagle Eyes soon.


  1. You guys always make me laught when I read your post. Y'all are almost done. I agree with the range, the nodes are hideous.

  2. do you have any pictures of your kitchen with your hardwoods