Sunday, March 8, 2015

7 March 2015 - Day 81 - Paint Prep

A slightly warmer day than usual today (55 degrees) so rather than being cooped up in the apartment, the wifey and I went to Virginia Beach to grab lunch at Route 56 Deli. I got their famous sandwich which was more of a monstrosity, but delicious. She also wanted to stop by Hobby Lobby and West Elm.  She has plans for the house.... Expensive plans I think. I didn't realize how expensive home decor can be.  After window shopping we drove out to the property, and found a couple of guys masking the windows to start painting. 

Day 81

Day 81 Selfie

Paint and Chauk

Window Masking. I'm assuming they'll be using a sprayer to paint the inside

They finally framed around the electrical panel

Water line pressure testing seems to be okay

Gas line pressure testing. Not sure if this is within limits. I honestly cannot remember what the pressure was a couple of days ago. Summer is almost here, so if I get a bill for even 1 cent I know I have a leak. 

$18.95 Route 56 Deli Rueben on onion roll. Fed me for lunch and dinner. 

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