Tuesday, March 17, 2015

16 March 2015 - Day 90 - Driveway Prep & wifey gets in a box

Looks like they prepped the driveway 

Wifey decided to get up all in that hoe. ;-) see what I did there. Lol. 

Not the brightest people in the world. I guess one on the socket wires got loose so the drywall guys just poked a hole through the sheetrock and let the wire dangle. Looks like it got corrected. 

Kitchen recessed lights

Shower prepped for tile. 

Tub is also prepped for tile

Half bath fixture

Master bath fixture

Staircase fixture

Dining room fixture

Closet/Laundry/Pantry fixtures - even if you get the whole house nickel upgrade, you still end up with these white ones. 

Floodlights - no sensor. Not sure why. The wires dangling are for a security camera. 

Driveway prepped with gravel

Pathway prepped

Porch prepped

HVAC Unit installed (5 Ton / 13 SEER)

Wifey gets in a box. 

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