Tuesday, March 24, 2015

23 March 2015 - Day 97 - Private Inspection

So we had a private inspector come inspect the house today to make sure there wasn't any major issues before we closed on Thursday.

The PM met us at the house and we systematically walked through the house annotating all discrepacies we came across.  I felt bad for the PM as he was being pulled in 4 different directions.... by me and two other realty agents that we had with us.  Took us slighty over 2 hours to go through it all.  

A couple of things the inspector noted was a lightswitch that would not turn off all the way, and blown insulation in the A/C / Furnce drain pan, which could cause a clog.  Other than that below are a handful of things I came across:

- Pin holes in the bathroom grout
- Missing quarter round in mudroom
- some smears and dents on sheetrock and moulding
- cracked master bath cabinet door (on order)
- Missing end piece on gutter above porch
- a few hairline cracks and scratches on hardwood floors

Can't really see it well... the top of the tile leans forward.  A service call will be put in to replace the tile and straighten the wall.

Large gap between moulding and house.  Tyvek can be seen if you look through the gap.

Door does not seal at the top right corner.

Missing window sills

Splatter on wall from stain

Loose lamp post - needs to get secured down.

Gaps between electrical panel and sheetrock.  They will be re-doing the sheetrock for a better fit.

One of my biggest gripes... this one isn't as bad as the other.  Two of the cabinets are slightly slanted.  Basically if a measurement is taken between the cabinet face and the granite, there is about a half inch difference between the left and right meaning that the cabinet is not square.  The PM said that there are easy ways to make it look right by adjusting the tracks and cabinet drawer.  I told him I highly doubt that and that the cabinet will need to get seperated from the granite and re-adjusted.  I'll let him try his fix first and if it's not good enough, I will have to raise the issue further.

Anyway, we are only 3 days away from closing.  Everything seems fairly good and the PM will be getting a certificate of occupancy tomorrow or Wednesday.  We will have our New Home Orientation / Final Walkthrough on Wednesday and a closing on Thursday.  


  1. Wow. This goes to show how hiring your own home inspector is a huge benefit! Thank you for sharing this; it will help us know what issues to look for ourselves.

  2. Hello. Would you mind sharing a picture of your driveway. I had a Rome build in Maryland and my drive way didnt turn out that well. It's difficult to get in/out of garage and a times run over the yard itself.