Thursday, February 12, 2015

12 February 2015 - Day 59 - That's a wrap

Such a crazy day today. We started off with very nice weather late this morning which led to some nasty cold rain by 3pm.  By the time I ran into our apartment club house to print another rate lock agreement document and sign it for NVRM, it had started snowing. (Keep in mind, that NVRM will not accept digitally signed mortgage documents.  I had originally opened up the PDF document and signed it digitally on the iPad which was not accepted by their system) I gotta say that the NVR Mortgage team in the Hampton Roads area has been great with everything so far.

Anyway... After tackling the snow and dealing with a bunch of ridiculous drivers in town we had finally made it to the house.  It literally took us 45 mins to travel about 10 miles. 

So of course we had to take our usual pictures around the house and also a selfie in front of it all wrapped up. The structured wiring folks must have had just finished up as they were leaving for the day and someone else working plumbing, gas or electrical was left. Hopefully things will be squared away for a pre-drywall meeting early next week. 

Day 59

Day 59 Selfie

I'm glad the wrap went up before the rain and snow hit today

This must be the main water supply to the house. Hopefully they bury that pipe below the freezing point in the group to the main. 


  1. Looking great! I really love the brick around your foundation. Yay for pre-drywall coming up!

  2. Congrats on locking your rate! Your house is really starting to take shape.

  3. I love the brick too... my wife was hesitant and wanted the traditional red brick. I think this caramel brick adds more character to the house. I sure hope it matches well with the Spanish Olive siding and Black shutters.

  4. Thx... I think we locked in just at the right time as rates have been going up in the recent weeks.