Monday, February 9, 2015

9 February 2015 - Day 56 - Duct Work

No activity on Day 55.  On Day 56, the framers were back out on site nailing down the same boards they put up.  Not sure why.... maybe the county came to inspect and annotated some things that needed to get fixed.  It also sounded like there were a bunch of people working in the house.  I heard noises coming out from every window.  It was evident that some duct work had started today and it also looked like the HVAC/Furnace was unpacked.  I also noticed new cutouts throughout the exterior of the house for venting.  Additionally, I also got a call from the low voltage installer and he wanted to meet with us on Wednesday at the property to confirm what needs to get installed and where.

Day 56

Three vent holes cut out

All kinds of ducting material inside the garage

White PVC pipe for plumbing and spray painted utility marks on the ground

Pallet of Vinyl Siding

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