Thursday, January 15, 2015

15 January 2015 - Day 31 - Looking like a moat

Finally caught up with the blog posts. After leaving the gym, I grabbed the wife and checked on the lot today. Since today was the first day of decent weather, we had hoped the water would have drained away. Still there.... grrrrr. I noticed they installed a valve on the water line (assuming this is to mix the cement for the brick) and they moved the port-o-potty from 3 lots over. We ventured to the model home to find our frustrated PM.  He had hoped he would have started putting the flooring joists down by now.  Rain 1 : Build 0.  The PM assured me he would have framing started by the end of next week. Hopefully the weather will cope. I see we're forecasted for rain on Sunday. Not a good sign. 

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