Monday, January 26, 2015

26 January 2015 - Day 42 - Floor Framing & Inspection

Our county seems to have a few inspections throughout the house build process. I've listed them all below. I called the PM today and asked about one of the knocked over pier on the property and apparently the pier was a couple of inches too tall in order to have the floor framing installed. He mentioned to me that it had to be shortened and that it's all fixed up. In addition the "big box" inspection was also complete. I'm assuming that is the 3rd inspection from the listing below. Sub-Floor and framing should start tomorrow; however, it's forecasted to rain and snow tonight. 

1st Footing

Performed prior to placing concrete. Footing excavations dug and free of loose dirt with bottom reasonably level. Grade stakes and step down bulkheads installed. Property lines shall be marked.

2nd Projection

Performed when a minimum of two (2) courses of masonry is complete and the top of the footing is clean of all debris and anchor straps installed if applicable.

3rd Foundation

Performed prior to installing subfloor. Blockwork complete with crawl space graded and free from all vegetation. First floor framing installed and anchored.

4th Sheathing

Performed after ALL exterior wall sheathing is installed. All braced wall blocking, hold-downs or other anchors installed.

5th Window & Door Flashing

Performed  after sheathing; may be performed with rough-in inspection; windows & doors shall be “flashed” in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

6th Rough–in

Performed prior to installing insulation. Rough framing complete with windows and exterior doors set. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing rough–in work complete with required pressure test on plumbing and gas piping.

7th Insulation

Performed prior to installation of wallboard or other finishes.

8th Final

All work complete with structure ready for final occupancy and use. Final grading and landscaping complete and, where applicable, best management practices as required by the Chesapeake Bay Act in place and approved. Floor finishes may be waived by the Director of Inspections.

Day 42

Day 42 Selfie

Piers and protective barrier

More Piers - 1st two front pier black barrier plastic looks good. Other 3 look like crap. 

This is what they probably cut off the cinder block to allow the pier to fit. 

Panorama of property


  1. Thanks for sharing your inspection schedule. That is one question I was wondering but have not asked out PM. Do you plan on having an outside inspection done? We are highly considering one for the Final Inspection and possibly even at the Rough-In step. Best wishes on your build!

  2. I would recommend getting 2 private inspections. A pre-drywall and a final inspection. My plan is to get a highly qualified inspector with prior general contracting experience. You want someone to know how plumping should be routed, annotate if things where half ass done, and point out if anything was installed wrong, because once that Sheetrock goes up, you will never know.

    You may be able to pull up your counties inspection requirements from their website.

    What floor plan are you building?

  3. Thank you for the advice. I will look into the inspection requirements as well. I do have a local independent inspector in mind in our area so I will be sure to request a Pre-Drywall & Final Inspection.

    We are building the Florence Model in Northeast Ohio.