Tuesday, January 27, 2015

27 January 2015 - Day 43 - First Floor Framing Underway

Its true what they say..... once the crawl-space foundation is complete the framing goes up very quickly. As we drove around the corner, and towards the house we didn't see much activity, then we were amazed to see the first floor framing almost complete.  We were sceptical that anything was going to get done today, especially after all the school and work delays due to the little snow we had throughout the night.  Yes, the Hampton Roads, VA area almost shuts down if there is any treat of snow.

Anyway, at this rate they may have the framing complete by the end of the week if the weather cooperates.  

The more we look at the house, the smaller it appears.  Doesn't seem like it will be 3250 sqft.  I'm gonna have to measure each room and add this up when it's all done.

Day 43 Build

Day 43 Selfie

Front View

Front View of porch and side

One of the laborers is working on the garage outer wall

From far left to right....Morning room, Family Room, Office and Garage.

Rear Corner

Rear - Morning Room on left and Family Room on right.

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