Thursday, January 22, 2015

22 January 2015 - Day 38 - A whole lotta dirt to do the rough grade

Another day out to the lot. A bunch of dirt was dumped and the rough grade has been done, making the foundation seem shorter. I noticed excess mortar around and inside the crawl space vents. This should be something they can easily clean out.  What ever happened to having pride in what you built???? Nonetheless, it's time to bring on the wood for that sub-flooring.  There is a slight possibility of rain. Seems like we have the worst luck.

Day 38 Selfie

Front View

Side view adjacent to the garage

This is where the rear deck will go :-)

Rear corner shot

Building electrical ground in the garage. 

Eventually there will be stairs leading up to the front porch here. 

At first I thought this was the foundation drain, however the closer I look at it, I'm sure it's the sewage piping. I didn't think they used flexible piping for that. I would think a ridged sewage pipe would block a lot easier. 

View from the top of the porch leading into the Living room/sitting area, the dining room, then a short entry way to the kitchen and morning room. 

Garage on the left side with stairs eventually leading to the mud room, study, and family room. 

Brick surrounding the crawl space. 

Really????? How hard would it have been to scrape that mortar off, rather than letting it dry. 

Exterior doors and windows are on site. 


  1. Great blog! We started our build a month ago and there is already a ton of progress. Once they deliver the lumber, it goes really fast. Best of luck!

  2. We're looking forward to see the next stage. Yours looks very similar to a Palermo.