Saturday, January 24, 2015

24 January 2015 - Day 40 - Rain Day

One of my prior jobs was as a Quality Assurance Specialist for F-15 aircraft equipment and all supporting roles from OSHA, to Security, Supply Management, Risk Mitigation ect; therefore, it's in my nature to research a policy or standard and compare it to the implementation/completed stage. 

I was up early this morning, made myself some coffee, and started to research the products going into the house. For instance, EACOM Lumber is a company out of Canada eh?

SPF: (Spruce/Pine/Fir) – Balsam Fir – Jack Pine – Black Spruce
S4S-PET: Surfaced 4 sides – Precision end trim
KD-HT: Kiln dried – Heat treated

Scotsburn Lumber.... Also out of Canada

The other product for sub-flooring is Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold Panels. I watched their installation video  wondering if these will be installed the same way. Most importantly, I will be checking to see if adhesive is applied to every footer, and the edges are not slammed into each other causing the laminate to split. They also state that this wood should be stored about 4 inches off the ground. Doesn't look like it. I bet $20 that the bottom & top sheets will cause some kind of floor squeaking before any of the other ones due to all the rain we've had and I'm sure they're soaked. 

I like the fact that this subflooring has down pour draining technology built in. Technically it should prevent water from pooling up on top of it. My question is..... Will these hole get plugged up before they lay the hardwood and carpeting???? I wouldn't want moisture or insects having an invitation into the house. 

Below is a good video on the proper installation for sub-flooring.

And a video showing the Down Pour Self Draining Technology

Since the rain stopped around noon we drove out to the lot. Not much had changed since yesterday afternoon. They rearranged and dropped off more wood.  Looks like they're all set up for success if the rain quits tomorrow. 

Day 40 Selfie. 

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