Tuesday, January 20, 2015

20 January 2015 - Day 36 - We have a crawl space

We didn't expect all this progress when we checked on the lot today. During the last day they finished the cinder blocks and all the brick to complete the crawl space. The house looks way smaller than it really is. The PM warned us of this; however, we will still get the 3250 sqft.
They should be slotted to do the grading tomorrow. We might actually see a wall or two by this weekend. 

On another note, we attended the monthly HOA meeting to see what current issues the community may be dealing with. All I can say is WOW. I should have brought a bag of popcorn.  Too many people involve their personal emotions and dislike for certain board members. I gotta say, that some also try to steer the meeting towards legit concerns. There was also a briefing by the county planning team to propose a 25+ year future growth plan. Al, I gathered is that our taxes are going up no matter what and that the county signed a ridiculous 40 year contract a while back for water. As a county we only utilize 25% of the allotted water and still pay for 100% of it. 

My beautiful wifey and myself. 

Decent amount on yard backed up to the protected wetlands. 

That is one small man hole to crawl into. Time to get on a strict diet. Lol. 

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