Friday, January 23, 2015

23 January 2015 - Day 39 - We have wood & a garage floor

My last meeting ran kinda long so I didn't leave work when I wanted to. I rushed home to change and ran out the door to avoid the inbound rain.  I really thought they would have put the crawl space plastic barrier and started the sub floor by now, however, they went a total different direction and poured the garage floor late last night. The neighbor was telling us they were out there working after 8pm. These guys must have night-vision goggles. It forecasted for rain again tomorrow (90%) so I doubt anything will be done. 

Day 39 Selfie..... I need a haircut. 

Looks so pretty.  Can't wait to epoxy the floor and park my car in there. 

Hope the rain doesn't mess up the concrete. 

Still the same as yesterday. 

Wood, Wood, Wood. 

Did someone mess up over here?  Maybe the earth moving equipment knocked it over. 

I'm still not sure what's going on here. Is this for sewage or lot drainage? Ideas?

Sometimes I miss building things. I just want to get in there and hammer down some wood. Ryan Homes should have a program to let the future owners put up a wall or two. Are you reading this Ryan Homes?

WV will allow the buyer to install a few bolts when they have their cars built in Germany. 

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